Private Client Services

Notting Hill Trust has extensive experience in establishing and managing complex, high-value structures for international clients. We also have a deep understanding of the issues that come with inter-generational wealth transfers and succession planning for China clients.

Our private client services include,

Multi-Family Office

We understand that a wealthy family has many demands on their time, and many responsibilities arising from the wealth they have generated. Our dedicated family office team has built up in-depth knowledge and experience across all aspects of life experienced by a wealthy family, and we provide a seamless and holistic approach to the challenges and opportunities those families face.

As the key function branch of BIPPO Multi-Family office, Notting Hill Trust deploys a holistic approach to managing our customers’ wealth. We endeavour to help Chinese HNW clients structure, protect, and grow their families’ wealth together with their happiness.

Our experienced and professional team provides a one-stop, customized offshore family office and trust service in the field offshore trust, tax planning, legal compliance, insurance inheritance, investment and wealth management, citizenship and residence planning and overseas education.

Our family office service offering includes:

  • Ownership Structuring and Asset Protection Planning
  • Family and Corporate Governance Planning
  • Inheritance and Succession Planning
  • Trust Administration
  • Tax Management
  • Insurance & Risk Management
  • Corporate Secretary Service
  • Compliance Monitoring Service
  • Wealth Management Service
  • Accounting & Finance Service
  • Immigration Services
  • Education Planning
  • Currency Services
  • Philanthropy