Protector & Enforcer Services

The role of protector will imply a level of further review to ensure the trustees are acting in the best interests of the beneficiaries through oversight of their proposed actions and administration, and the exercise of consensual and sometimes active powers.

An enforcer is a rather different role and exists in the context of non–charitable purpose trusts where the trust instrument must provide for a person or corporate entity, different to the trustee, whose duty is to enforce the trust in relation to its non-charitable purposes.

Our Protector & Enforcer services include:

  • Contributing to discussions around the creation of the protector and enforcer role
  • Provision of protectors and enforcers
  • Discharging, as appropriate, any specific powers
  • Attending to requests for consent to the exercise of powers by trustees
  • Attendance at meetings with beneficiaries, trustees and advisers